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About Me And Metal Detecting
My name is Phil Harvey and I have now been metal detecting for just over 4 years, from which I have got great satisfaction. My first machine was a Micronta 4001. As some of you may know the Micronta 4001 is quite an old machine, with it's 4" search head and slight discriminating abilities. However, after much patience and practice I was finding interesting bits and pieces. I was finding artefacts and coins as old as medieval on a regular basis. My best find at the time being a 14th century French jetton. During this time I started reading "Treasure Hunting" and learned valuable information from each issue. I started to research and found out information about all of my sites. This ranged from old track ways and footpaths, to a Tudor house that had once stood in a field close to my house.
I was hooked to the hobby and I had soon upgraded my metal detector to the Viking 5. This was an amazing machine compared to the Micronta. The depth that I was getting with it was tremendous compared to my last machine. With this detector I found my first hammered silver coin and also my first roman. The hammered coin was bent and black through stubble burning, but I didn't care! I had found a coin in just less than 6 months that it takes some people to find after years. The roman coin is an AE and is very small measuring 15mm across. Even today I have no idea what it exactly is! My machine was soon upgraded again and is still the detector I use today, this being a CS5MX. This machine is excellent in my opinion. My find rate tripled and it is now no surprise to come back with 3 or more hammered silvers each time I go out. I have found numerous hammered silver coins now and various other artefacts of interest. I hope you enjoy my site and I wish anyone the best of luck when detecting!
What I Have On My Site

To the left are all the links to the various other pages I have made on metal detecting. The "About Metal Detecting" link has information about various issues in the hobby such as tips, researching and the code of conduct. This is a valuable section and should be read if you are a newcomer to the hobby. The "Interesting Finds" link is the page with the pictures. There are pictures of various artefacts and this could come in useful if you have an object you need to identify. There's much more links as you can see but I'm running out of space, so just click on the links and see what comes up!
Sorry If You Have Emailed Me!
Sorry to anyone that has emailed me recently and has had no reply, or anyone I said I would email and haven’t. This is because I don't have the Internet on my home computer anymore and must rely on other methods of getting on the Internet. Therefore I have not had the chance until recently to work on my site or read email sent to me. However this will hopefully change now as I now have a new email address, which I have placed on the "Contact Me" link. Please feel free to send me any email and I will reply if I can. I will also try to update my site every so often, but this I can sadly not guarantee!

The Person Who Got Me Into The Hobby
If it were not for my friend Stan Warner I would never have been introduced to the hobby. When I bought my first detector from him, he taught me everything I needed to know. Something he said to me was,
"Your detector isn't a magic wand. You must be patient and get to now it. You may not find stuff straight away, but I can guarantee that you will in time"
This is how everyone should think when they join the hobby. If you are a bit down because you can't find the good stuff, don't worry you will in time!

The CS5MX is the machine I use now and will probably do for many years.

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