Interesting Finds
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As I haven't currently got a digital camera or scanner none of the pictures in any of the picture pages are actual finds I have found. This meant that all pictures are from other people's sites. I would like to thank Bill, John, Simon and Gary for the use of their excellent pictures from their sites. You can visit their sites through the links page on my site.

Gold Gallo-Belgic Stater
Ambiani Type E Stater (c. 57-45 B.C.)
In terms of English coins this is as old as you normally find. It appears on page 1 of Seaby's excellent "Coins of England" book. The coin depicts a disjointed horse with pellets above and below. The obverse is blank on this particular stater.
Roman Animal Brooch
This is a rather abstract example of an animal brooch. Rabbits, dogs, ducks and many other animals appear as animal brooches. These are quite rare finds in good condition.

12-13th Century Mount
One metal pin remains which was probably used to connect this to a leather object such as a belt or harness. These are comon finds in all shapes and sizes, this example being in the shape of an animal.
Lead Seal
Seals were made in lead, silver or gold depending on the wealth of the owner. They were made in various shapes, which include square, hexagonal or round. This was probably made in the 12th or 13th century and is made of lead.
Iron Age Ox Head Bucket Mount
"Bucket mount"? That didn't sound very exciting when this artefact was identified. However, we're not talking "plastic bucket under the sink" here - the British Iron Age farmers held their buckets in high regard and they were valued possessions. There would have been a pair of these ornate bronze ox-heads mounted on either side of the bucket. The handle would be attached to the loops at the top of each mount. You can see good examples of these buckets at the British Museum.
Roman Dolphin Brooch
This example of a roman brooch is known as a dolphin brooch. Roman brooches come in all shapes and sizes, these include knee brooches, disc brooches and animal brooches such as the one above.
Token Coin
Token showing Gigantinc Wheel at Earls Court 1899. The reverse side says:- The Gigantic Wheel at Earls Court is 284 feet in diameter and weighs about 908 tons there are 40 cars each to carry 30 persons from the top of the wheel about 300 feet Windsor Castle is visable on the west.