More Interesting Finds
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As with my other photo page none of the finds are actually mine. I would like to thank the people who gave me permission to use their photos once again.

Roman Tortoise
This tortoise was found near to a similar cockerel and increases the likelihood that they came from a shrine. The tortoise and the cockerel would have originally been part of a group which would have had Mercury as the main figure. The other missing item is a ram or goat

Good Conduct Medal
This token coin would have been given to possibly a child for good behaviour. It shows - Reward for good conduct and advance in learning from the Catholic School Committee. Latin inscription on one side. Good thick medal, size 4.7cm. Good to fine condition, almost black in colour, made of bronze.

Escutcheon plates
These examples are in reasonable condition and could be either actual lock plates or could have been used as furniture mounts. They are most likely to be of late 17th or early 18th century in date.

Roman Silver Coins
Roman coins are a common find on any site that has had Romans walking on it. Bronze and copper coins usually come up in terrible state, commonly known as 'cruds'. Silver coins usually come up out of the ground in much better condition, the silver coins above being Denarius.

Celtic Silver Coin
This is a silver coin of the Celtic leader Tasciovanus. The obverse has the word VER in beaded circle which refers to Verulamium (St.Albans) which is only a few miles from where I live. This coin was minted between 20 BC and 10 AD. The reverse shows a horse.

Roman Axe
These were known as "votive" offerings as they were often used at burials or thrown into streams as offerings to the Gods. The above is a miniature axe but other tools are commonly found.

Æthelred II (978-1016) AR penny, 'small cross' type
Æthelred 'the Unready', son of Eadgar (959-975); succeeded Edward the Martyr. The stylized portrait on this coin is essentially unchanged from Eadgar's coinage. A few pennies of this kind purchased a sheep.